Business IT Services

Networks and IT Hardware

We provide you a full range of innovative, intelligent network and software solutions from Tier 1 providers listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – the best in the industry. Our consulting and services focus on:

Network Design and Implementation

Our consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of business goals and needs, then design and implement a network infrastructure that’s flexible, reliable, and efficient – and supports your productivity and profitability.

Network Virtualization

Using the technology that’s right for your enterprise, 3i combines hardware and software resources with network functionality to create a single unit that provides for the secure, controlled, efficient sharing of network resources.

Wi-Fi Implementation

Wi-fi solutions are not “boilerplate” and can be as diverse as the businesses that need. At 3i, we have the expertise to avoid the obstacles that come with implementing the wrong system and maximize the benefits of deploying the right one.

Branch Integration

We will help you plan and execute an IT strategy that links multiple offices without hassles or headaches.

Upgrades and Migrations

We can help migrate your servers to better, more efficient technologies and work with you to upgrade your computers to the most current operating systems. The result is an enhanced IT environment that supports your business strategies, operations, and budgets.

Cloud Migrations

Moving to a cloud-based environment is a serious move that is less simple than many providers claim. We work with you to develop the right plan at the right price to ensure that your data, applications, and other critical components of your business move safely from onsite computers to the cloud or from one cloud to another.


We’ll work with you to plan for and implement seamless moves from one location to another, keeping downtime to a minimum and ensuring that your office is fully operational from Day One.


Our technicians have the experience and expertise to install and test the full range of cables for voice, Ethernet, data centers, and high-speed networks: Categories 5e, 6 and 6A; levels 5, 6 and 7 installations; and fiber optics. We match the most intelligent solution with what your business needs, delivering the right results at the best possible price.