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The productivity of your staff is a critical contributor to your overall business performance. Indeed, workplace productivity is a very popular topic among every level of the business. Employees are looking for ways to improve their productivity to increase their earning potential and improve their work-life balance.

Business leaders want to enhance productivity to grow revenue, expand market share, and keep investors happy.

Let's not forget the net positive effect that a productive workplace has on the business' customers who enjoy a better experience from a company that is organized, streamlined, and efficient.

One of the greatest boons of information technology support services is its net positive effect on productivity growth. The right IT plan allows forward-thinking organizations to produce more revenue in less time. By automating tedious tasks, enabling communication, and streamlining operations, IT can save virtually any business time and money.

Here are a few ways that IT helps businesses gain a competitive edge in the market:

Streamlines Processes & Workflows

When the right tools and applications are used, information technology reduces workflow repetition while saving your employees’ time and effort. Leaving mundane tasks to computer systems leaves more time for your workforce to focus on other important initiatives. In addition, automation reduces the risk of human error, especially when it comes to managing data and keeping that data secure.

Open Communication

Technologies available today connect people from all over the world and make the entire planet a unified global market for many businesses. That said, even local and regional businesses benefit from the connectivity and collaboration offered by modern IT solutions. In a time where remote workers are becoming the norm rather than the exception, the IT department has become one of the essential cornerstones of many operations.

Better Time Management

Poor time management is one of the many reasons why outcomes suffer and businesses take a downward turn. IT software aids in increasing labor productivity by making sure that each employee is making the most of their time during business hours. Fewer lost hours -- and more success during those hours worked -- is a major benefit of great IT support and strategy.

It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating:

functioning IT allows you to focus on your objectives without being sidelined and distracted by technology issues.

Helps in Meeting Goals

Every organization has its own goals and objectives that every member is working to achieve. Stakeholders expect the organization to create and streamline the means of accomplishing them. Putting the right business technology solutions in place can help you achieve your goals on time and with fewer surprise hurdles or security issues.

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What Makes Employees Inefficient?

The ideas surrounding employee engagement and productivity have certainly changed since the COVID pandemic and the rise of the remote workplace. All changes aside, employees and employers have struggled with productivity for as long as these roles have existed.

It's important to know what factors are in play when it comes time to improve employee productivity. The following are considered the most common hindrances to productivity in the workplace:

Poor communication

Poor communication generally leads to the most lost hours within an organization. What's an employee to do when information is unclear, answers are hard to find, and directives are ambiguous or conflicting? Poor communication makes employees feel less empowered and more burdened leading to disengagement, poor decision-making, and slower execution.


Few would argue that it's hard to stay focused these days. A constant feed of email, social media posts, calls, tickets, meetings, and memos can throw any employee off of their best game. Consumer technology has certainly played a role in harming productivity, which is why many organizations use business IT tools to block spam emails, deny access to social media, and provide distraction-free work environments for their staff.

Context switching

Too many tasks coupled with day to day distractions lead to employees who are constantly forced to switch gears. While some people are better at context switching than others, it takes an average of 25 minutes to refocus and engage after switching tasks. Make enough switches, and it's possible for a single employee to lose hours out of their workday on time spent keeping up with the chaos.


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