The Texas-based IT services provided has made its name by providing robust software and IT solutions to the AEC industry

Houston, TX – March, 2022: The AEC industry contributes significantly to the American economy. Many industry observers are predicting a strong market outlook for 2022, especially in the aftermath of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in mid-November. The onset of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns had a significant impact on the progress of the AEC sector. However, poor IT infrastructure has also been a significant roadblock in their path to success.  

Businesses operating in the AEC industry are constantly looking for reliable IT support to help elevate their organizations to new heights. This is where 3i International has stepped into transforming the technology outlook for businesses operating in the AEC industry. It has become one of the most trusted suppliers of IT services due to its reliable IT management and monitoring services.

Speaking about their services personalized for the AEC industry, a representative from 3i International stated, "We quickly realized that businesses in the sector were lagging with the rest due to outdated IT infrastructures and the lack of quality services. Our AEC industry IT experts are constantly developing robust IT models to help these businesses streamline their operations. 

 We provide 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring, server support, strategic planning, cybersecurity, and data backup and recovery services to the AEC industry to ensure that they're able to address and manage their IT needs."

3i International has become the industry leader for providing quality IT services. Businesses operating in the AEC industry have consulted the company to upgrade their existing network infrastructure and help them build robust and secure IT models, which helps in every facet of their business. 

The company is dedicated to the digital growth of the AEC industry. It has significant expertise in identifying potential weaknesses and opportunities and devising customized solutions to help the industry grow. They have become a household name as a reliable managed IT service provider in the country. 

The company adheres to all relevant rules and regulations and has implemented the FINRA security guidelines in its business models. It's also well-versed in GDPR, SEC, NIST, and CMMC compliance standards, making it one of the most reliable IT support options in the finance sector. 

In addition to the AEC industry, the company also has clients from other business sectors such as finance, legal, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality. The state-of-the-art 24/7 tech support offered by the company has received several plaudits from across the country. 

Anyone looking for comprehensive IT solutions or want to learn more about 3i International’s services can consult the experts at the company by using the information below. 

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3i International is a leading managed service provider based in Houston, Texas. It offers nationwide customized IT solutions to businesses from various industries.

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