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Archive for April, 2022

What is An MSSP, and Does Your Organization Need One?

Security is the top concern of many organizations as cyberattacks and malware attacks are becoming more common day by day. Securing your organization's data is crucial if you don't want it to fall into the wrong hands.  MSSP is an ...

Press Release: 3i International Provides Advanced Managed IT Services to Legal Firms Throughout the Country

The Texas-based IT firm is transforming the legal sector by providing robust and secure solutions to legal firms throughout the country  Houston, TX – April, 2022: Data confidentiality and secure IT systems are the need of the hour for legal ...

Why Companies Need 24/7 IT Support and Monitoring

A company’s success depends on the modern technologies and mechanisms used to effectively and efficiently perform tasks. Modern IT infrastructure and tech support are essential for growing organizations. We live in an increasingly globalized world where businesses are focused on ...

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Hosting

Cloud consists of virtual servers all connected through the internet. Most organizations are now moving towards cloud services to reduce the burden of running all operations on the local infrastructure.  With this service in place, you don't have to store ...

How You Can Create Stronger Passwords for Your Business Accounts

Passwords are your first line of defense against cybersecurity threats and risks. You may not know this, but there's a day allotted to create awareness about the importance of passwords. It is known as World Password Day and is celebrated ...

What a Poorly Managed IT Infrastructure Can Do to Your Business

While you may have partnered with managed IT service providers, it’s possible that your business still has a poor ...

A Quick Guide to Remote IT Management

Many companies across the globe have implemented completely remote or hybrid work practices for their employees. While the concept of remote work isn’t new, it was accelerated and strengthened in the recent years.  Creating a safe, profitable, and productive remote ...

Your Guide to Outsourcing IT Support

Outsourcing an IT Support Team: Entering into an agreement with an IT team is a major decision that can immensely benefit your firm. For example, with 3i International, you can leverage high-end managed IT services and cybersecurity tools through a strategic partnership. ...

Ransomware Attacks 101: What Business Owners Need to Know

Ransomware attacks can have an impending and far-reaching impact on your business’s reputation, data security, employee retention, and overall performance.  Cybersecurity has become a challenge for modern businesses. From phishing scams and profile breaches to malware issues, several types of ...

How Do Managed IT Services Help Construction Firms?

Is your construction company lagging in terms of digital, technical, or mechanical growth? Is it failing to generate an adequate return on profit? Maybe it’s time you start thinking about availing managed IT services for your construction firm. Realizing the ...


What IT Concerns Should SMBs Focus On?

What IT Concerns Should SMBs Focus On?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should focus on several IT concerns to ensure their operations are secure and efficient. Here[...]
The Benefits of Partnering With A Managed IT Service Provider

The Benefits of Partnering With A Managed IT Service Provider

There are many benefits to using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT needs, including: Cost Savings: MSPs can[...]
Why Patch Management is Important to SMBs

Why Patch Management is Important to SMBs

Patch management is important to small businesses for several reasons: Security: One of the primary reasons for patch management is to[...]


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