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Recent reports show that more than 91% of American businesses use publicly available cloud services. This is quite a threat to personal and business information that’s collected through numerous sources deployed in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc.

However, the report also suggests that almost 72% of the businesses in the US rely on robust and privately available managed IT services to enhance their business security and performance.

IT managed and cloud-backed security software tools are impeccable at helping business managers optimize online security. They prevent data losses and allow firms to ensure high-level, multi-end security for data management. However, in Texas, we’ve seen a rapidly increasing number of cyber-attacks that have evaded public and private sector business security quite significantly.

In 2021, from company-run boards, data-sensitive books, and augmented crypto currency dealings to online shopping and government databases, nearly every aspect of business has been affected by online security threats.

Moreover, professionals and experts in Texas have reported that cyber-criminals in the area have become smarter and sleeker in attempting crimes online. This drastic and newly formed risk has impacted every sector. There’s a major increase in data migration practices, and people who’re using crypto platforms are now facing stricter regulations and compliance issues. Some of the most common cyber-attacks that have happened in the last few months in Texas include phishing scams, ransomware attacks, password breaches, and regulatory law breakages.

Digging Deeper into Texas’s Cyber Landscape: A Statistical Overview

More than 3 billion people in the US have encountered at least one or more types of cyber-breaches in the last two years. They’ve either experienced a personal information breach or a ransomware attack that has impacted their personal or public computers.

However, thanks to robust managed IT services providers like 3i International, Texan businesses have increasingly started to adopt anti-cybercrime policies. This state has also experienced the fifteen most severe data breaches in 2021. And even the smallest ones of them have afflicted significant loss and devastation to data systems and company controls.

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Texas has always had its fair share of cyber threats, risks, and crimes. According to various sources, Texas ranks as the third most highly vulnerable state in the country. After NY and California, Texas has made it to the top complicatedly threatened states. However, it’s still too soon to say whether or not the Texan government and private sector IT companies will be able to mitigate the growing cyber risk in the future.

In August 2019, more than twenty-two towns in Texas were inflicted with advanced, structurally engineered cyber-attacks. It was referred to as the ‘new front attack’ due to sheer complexity and threatening crime protocol. Several private, public, and government sector institutions suffered from a damaged reputation, data loss, and financial crises. As a result, the state governor had to declare a level 2 escalated emergency response to curb the impact.

Furthermore, many cybersecurity experts and specialist teams at the 3i International in Texas suggested that businesses and companies will have to implement stricter anti-cybercrime policies. This can include various IT and cloud-backed products and services such as cloud-based data management, automated service management, inter-cloud resource management, and cloud infrastructure management.

What’s more worrisome is the fact that the Texas Division of Emergency Management, the Texas Military Department, the DHS, and the FBI concluded that the entire cyber-attack stream was planned, conducted, and improved by a single hacker.

Cyber Warfare in Public Sector: A Growing Threat in Texas

It’s a no-brainer that the 2019 cybercrime incident in Texas wasn’t limited to private institutions. Even the most peculiar public and government sector employees and companies have been exposed to this risk. This has intensified the need for more robust and cutting-edge cloud cybersecurity software services.

Thanks to 3i International, whether you’re running a small business or a large multimillion firm in Texas, availing managed IT and cybersecurity assurance services isn’t a hassle anymore.
We can help you identify particular cyber threats to your business and devise an efficacious strategy that can overcome the present and future virtual security challenges.

Being one of the top leaders in IT Support and cybersecurity management services in Texas, we, at 3i International, keep close tabs on past and current cyber-attacks. Our team studies and understands cyberattacks that have affected different states across the US.

This has helped us curate reliable and advanced resource management in cloud computing services to prevent malware warfare.

Now that you’re well-brushed about the cybersecurity landscape of Texas, let’s get to know the top cyber-attacks in Texas history.

Texas Lottery Commission Attack

Winning lotteries is all fun and games until the commission gets into trouble. Something quite happened back in 2008, when the winners of the Texas Lottery, their vendors, employees, retailers, and major stakeholders became victims of a security breach.

Reports revealed that a Texas Comptroller processer forecaster copied the individual data of people contributing in the draw and vendors on PC disks with an aim to feat the data. The break is projected to have impacted more than 100,000 individuals. The directive instantly informed affected people and took steps to avert such ruptures from occurring again. The breach ensued because an ex-PC analyst employed at the Texas Comptroller’s office imitated delicate figures onto processer compact disk to misuse lottery winners' titles, Social Security numbers, and addresses.

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The Texas State’s Comptroller’s Office Attack

The private data of nearly 3.5 million Texans was inadvertently released from the TX Comptroller’s office on a freely nearby website. The break happened during data transmissions by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas in January 2010, the TWC in April 2010, and the ERS in May 2010.

The procedure required that the information should be encoded and many other guidelines. However, none of the protocols were followed. This led to severe financial damage, rounding to $1.8 million invested in damage and risk mitigation practices. This year-long breach necessitated authorities to roll out guidelines, helplines, and platforms for complaint handling.

Several consultants at Deloitte Consulting and Gartner had to bear and work on controlling the damages incurred as a result of this data breach. Moreover, the Comptroller’s MEA Culpa had to publically admit that the private information wasn’t encoded properly and hence, ended up being visible on a public website. This incident was so severe that the governor signed a senate bill that stipulated the need to form the Texas Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council.
Today, this council actively examines, assesses, and strategizes to prevent cyber-risks and crimes. It also offers robust education to students and employees in understanding cyber threats and their prevention.
Office of the Texas Attorney General
In 2012, ironically, the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott mistakenly uncovered the full Social Security numbers of masses of Texas voters via the state’s Voter Registration database.

This database had been collecting, storing, and protecting millions of private information bits that were all leaked to the interveners during an argument on the Voter Photo ID bill.

Luckily, the evidence was never uncovered in public. Although the cyber-attack received a lot of promotional attraction, its long-term damages were not exposed to the masses. This significantly helped the Attorney General mitigate future risks and prompt any additional attacks.

Ransomware: The Threat of the Future for Texas

Ransomware is one of the most complex forms of cybersecurity threats facing individual and business entities today. It has forced many private and public sector Texan businesses to payout and invest millions of dollars in protecting customer and employee information.

These outbreaks are only rising more cultured and malevolent. The Texan government has applied rules and Senate bills that target vigorous cybersecurity practices in private and public sectors. What’s more, there are many breaches in the cybersecurity systems across the state that have put management and organizational institutions at severe risk.

The Future

Internet infrastructure plays a crucial role in a number of daily activities. The pervasive nature of cyber systems ensures the far-reaching consequences of cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks threaten physical, economic, social, and political security. The effects of cyber-attacks can disrupt, deny, and even disable the operation of critical infrastructure, including power grids, communication networks, hospitals, financial institutions, and defense and military systems. To protect its critical infrastructure, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has identified cyberspace as a key operational environment for the military, one that is interdependent with the physical environment.

To keep your private and enterprise data safe and protected from cybersecurity threats, consider receiving quality guidance from cybersecurity experts at 3i International. Our managed IT and cybersecurity software services can help you prevent business data loss, theft, and other cyber threats that can lead to significant financial trouble.

Benefits of Professional Cyber-Security Services like the 3i International in Texas

While you may think that Silicon Valley is the giant and leader in cybersecurity practices, it’s a no-brainer that many local and privately managed IT firms have come forward to help businesses. In the world, there are today, more than a million IT companies that have created a digital hub to protect individuals and business entities from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and cybersecurity data losses.

Since Texas has become a forerunner in being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As a result, cybersecurity has started gaining and maintaining a sturdy position in Texas both in terms of instructive prospects and financial nitty-gritties.

How Can 3i International Help You Stay On Top of Cybersecurity in Texas?

Since 2000, 3i International has been a leader in IT sustenance and consulting, concentrating on small and medium-sized entities in Houston and Dallas, Texas. We have been associated with hundreds of enterprises that entrust our qualified team with managing and implementing inter-cloud resources, electronic medical records software, cloud infrastructure tools, and IT managed support services.

Our cloud services, security level offerings, copier services, VoIP provisions, business continuity consultation, and managed IT services can help you improve productivity and profitability. Making IT and cloud security the main shield of your business can make your profits grow at a rapid pace, creating great value for employees, business managers, customers, vendors, and clients.

What’s more, we cater to a diverse range of industries. Our offerings include Microstation, ARCHICAD, Chief Architect, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and 3ds Max. These tools can be integrated with your existing systems to ensure smooth and safe data transmission and management. Cybersecurity is imperative for financial firms, restaurants, schools, colleges, banks, and many other sectors.

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At 3i International, we’re dedicated to assisting businesses to reap the benefits of strong security across the board. Our security services are intended to keep your data, network, and investors safe. As one of the foremost cybersecurity providers in Texas, we’re here to help.

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At the end of the day, we all want the best software to keep our information safe and disclosed within ourselves. A protection system developed to protect key information is the only way for peace of mind.
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