The Texas-based IT firm is transforming the legal sector by providing robust and secure solutions to legal firms throughout the country 

Houston, TX – April, 2022: Data confidentiality and secure IT systems are the need of the hour for legal firms across the country. The demand for robust managed IT services has increased significantly due to cybercrimes. Hackers are actively targeting the weak IT systems of legal firms and demand hefty ransomware. Data breaches have a huge reputational impact on these firms, and a secure IT infrastructure has become a high priority. 

3i International is an industry leader in providing quality managed IT services for businesses operating in the legal sector. The Texas-based technology company provides advanced managed IT solutions to these businesses, robust, secure, and intuitive. 

The company has made a name for itself by helping small and medium-sized legal businesses to tackle all sorts of IT-related challenges as effectively as possible, minimizing the risks of data loss or theft in the process. Their specialized IT services provide the chance for those working in the legal sector to carry out their duties efficiently, without having to worry about a feeble IT infrastructure

Speaking about their services personalized for legal firms, a representative from 3i International stated, "We understand the unique business needs and requirements of organizations operating in the legal sector. Our team of experts is well-versed in understanding the unique IT requirements and goes above and beyond in developing robust and secure solutions that’ll keep your organization secure. 

We understand that cybersecurity is of utmost importance for legal firms. That’s why we don’t compromise on the quality of our services. We ensure that all your systems are secure from potential data breaches.” 

3i International has also made a name in providing quality cybersecurity solutions for businesses looking to beef up their IT security protocols. The firm offers cybersecurity risk management services to assess vulnerabilities within a legal environment. Then, the company provides cybersecurity management services to help them strengthen its security infrastructure.  

The company continuously aims to expand its horizons and provide quality and efficiently managed IT services for healthcare, architecture, engineering, construction, finance, legal, oil & gas, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. They have invested heavily in creating modern systems and software to help these businesses elevate to new heights by securing their IT network infrastructure. 

3i International offers 24/7 tech support to its clients and is highly accessible. Business owners can reach out to the team as and when necessary and expect a prompt response about their IT-related concerns. The company also offers advanced cloud infrastructure, VoIP, and business continuity services.

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3i International is a leading managed service provider in Texas that offers nationwide customized IT solutions to businesses from a wide range of industries.

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