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A company’s success depends on the modern technologies and mechanisms used to effectively and efficiently perform tasks. Modern IT infrastructure and tech support are essential for growing organizations.

We live in an increasingly globalized world where businesses are focused on global operations rather than limiting themselves in operating within their own country. However, operating globally brings its own challenges. Enterprises need to employ staff to work around the clock and ensure that all systems work optimally throughout the day. Therefore, there is an increased need for high-quality 24/7 managed IT support services to help businesses run efficiently. This can prove costly when approached as an in-house scenario.

As such, many businesses hire external IT managed support services to meet their extensive business needs and requirements. Here are some reasons why your company needs 24/7 support and remote monitoring. 

Issues Are Resolved Immediately 

Any organization can encounter IT problems at any point in the day. What separates efficient businesses from the rest is how they resolve such issues. Companies that don’t have round-the-clock IT support might suffer from significant downtime if their servers crash and they don’t have immediate IT support to rely on. 

If your business is monitored 24/7, any issues that may arise are immediately notified to the external IT company. Experts at these external managed IT service providers will promptly spot these issues and take a proactive approach to solve problems. They will implement robust practices to ensure that such disruptions don’t impact the day-to-day operations of your company. Unnecessary delays can have high economic costs and are immensely stressful. Therefore, it is essential to have a 24/7 service by your side who can quickly solve any problems. 

Productivity and Efficiency 

Having an external IT consultant to take care of all your infrastructure and technology will give you peace of mind to help you do your job productively and efficiently. These service providers will go above and beyond in ensuring that all systems are active, up-to-date, and working optimally. You need a high-quality IT infrastructure to stay ahead of your competition, and 24/7 IT monitoring and support services ensure you have all the tools required to succeed in such a competitive environment. 

Implementing proactive measures will eliminate unnecessary downtime and ensure that your business runs productively and efficiently. You also can schedule any IT updates outside business hours, ensuring you maintain your operational workflow during core business hours. Moreover, your internal IT staff can focus on other revenue-generating activities that’ll help your business thrive. Hiring an external 24/7 IT monitoring service is a win-win situation with which you can’t go wrong! 

Enhanced Cybersecurity 

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring the services of an external managed IT support service provider is that they’ll provide your business with the required cybersecurity system to prevent unwanted advances from cybercriminals. Infrastructure security and cyberattacks are amongst the top concern of businesses these days as there has been a considerable rise in cyber attacks. 

Businesses are heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure for the smooth operation of their businesses, and any unwanted incidents can have a significant impact on reputation and business profitability. Investing in quality cybersecurity systems and round-the-clock IT support is now considered more of a necessity. 

An external IT support and cybersecurity consultant will help you implement robust measures and a vital infrastructure that can withstand cyberattacks. The last thing you’d want is for your business to suffer from attacks such as ransomware that’ll significantly impact your business revenue. They’ll ensure the integrity of your network and preserve all your security systems. They’ll also constantly monitor your firewalls and anti-virus software to check if they are working optimally and will install the necessary updates required to counter any new forms of cyberattacks. 

Peace Of Mind

One of the most significant benefits of having a reliable partner who can provide you with 24/7 IT support and monitoring services is that you’ll have the necessary peace of mind to help you focus on other pressing areas of your business. Having such external experts who will effectively manage your IT infrastructure will also eliminate hiring any internal staff. They will use their experience to resolve any unexpected issues outside of business hours. 

Saves Money 

As mentioned, hiring an external 24/7 IT support consultant will ensure you don’t need to spend significant sums of money to implement an in-house IT staff that will work round-the-clock to ensure business continuity. 

You need to undergo an extensive hiring process when screening candidates for an in-house IT support staff. In addition to allocating salaries to your staff, you also need to consider factors such as medical allowances, retirements funds, and other non-monetary benefits. 

On the other hand, an external IT services provider will only ask for a one-time fee or monthly retainers. You don’t have to worry about generating payroll or providing extra benefits. If you don’t like their services, you can terminate the contract and move to another service. Hiring an internal staff will also burden other departments such as payroll, HR, and finance. It’s worth investing in an external consultant as they’ll help save money and provide expert services. 

About The Author

David is an expert IT consultant who has worked with several top IT businesses throughout the country. He has extensive expertise in devising cybersecurity mechanisms and helps businesses in implementing robust IT practices. Currently, he is associated with 3i International, one of the largest IT firms in Texas. 

3i International is a leading managed service provider based in Houston, Texas. The company has over two decades of experience offering nationwide customized IT solutions to businesses across various industries. It provides quality IT services to finance, AEC, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality. 3i International holds HIPAA verification. In addition, the company is also a member of the 20—a group of elite MSPs nationwide.