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Archive for August, 2022

The Importance of Managed Services: 8 Reasons to Partner With 3i

If you're still relying on your in-house IT team to manage your business tech, it might be time for a change. The days of break/fix IT are long over, and most internal IT services (especially small teams) can struggle to ...

Small Businesses and Cyberattacks: Are You Vulnerable?

Small businesses tend to default to the mindset that they are not likely targets for cybercriminals. The commonly-heard arguments to support this idea include:   “My business is too small. Why would anyone target me?”  “My business doesn't have data hacker ...

Best Email Marketing Tools for SMBs and Startups

Most organizations have something to sell or a message to spread, and email is one of the most prolific means of communication in use today. For these reasons, email marketing is a must-have for nearly every business, community, or non-profit. ...

7 IT-Related Cost Optimization Tips for SMBs

At 3i International, we're all about helping small businesses optimize their IT costs. The below are several helpful insights that could help you manage or reduce your IT expenses and make better use of business technology overall. Use Technology to ...

Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services in 2022

Managed services are a way for small businesses to outsource their IT needs when they don’t have the resources or experience to choose and manage IT functions in-house. Most SMBs in Texas can benefit from using managed services -- in ...


What IT Concerns Should SMBs Focus On?

What IT Concerns Should SMBs Focus On?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should focus on several IT concerns to ensure their operations are secure and efficient. Here[...]
The Benefits of Partnering With A Managed IT Service Provider

The Benefits of Partnering With A Managed IT Service Provider

There are many benefits to using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT needs, including: Cost Savings: MSPs can[...]
Why Patch Management is Important to SMBs

Why Patch Management is Important to SMBs

Patch management is important to small businesses for several reasons: Security: One of the primary reasons for patch management is to[...]


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