About Us

At 3i International, our commitment is twofold: First, we want to ensure that our clients can operate their businesses in an office technology environment that is secure and promotes efficiency, productivity, and profitability. And second, we want to create what I refer to as a legion of “raving fans.”

Achieving the first of those goals is a matter of products and services, and we have them.

Our portfolio of managed IT services has been designed to meet virtually any need, in virtually any workplace setting, in virtually any industry sector. With rising concerns over increased cyber-crime, we have emerged as a leading player in offering intelligent, innovative solutions that protect critical information and prevent data breaches by bad actors.

At the same time, however, we also bring clients a range of offerings that support their day-to-day activities, from cloud and document management services, to helping identify, install, and maintain the right printers and copiers.

And because we have run businesses ourselves, we are aware of the unique technology challenges companies can face – tight budgets and lack of IT resources, for example – and we know how to help overcome them.

The creation of “raving fans” is really all about service, doing the job right, and respecting the companies and individuals we work for.

That means understanding our customers and their requirements, and not trying to fit them into “one size fits all” answers. It means being wherever they need us to be, whenever they needs us to be there – day or night, week or weekend, morning or evening. It means avoiding techno-speak and actually communicating in a language that ensures comprehension rather than confusion. And it means that we can be flexible enough to change with their shifting demands, and forward-thinking enough to ensure that no matter what the IT future holds, they’re ready for it.

It all comes down to this:

At 3i International, we have the experience and expertise to help protect your business, secure your data, and maintain your daily operations. We put technology to work for you. And then we make sure it performs.