Client Testimonials

Above and beyond the call of Duty

We had a great experience with 3i’s technical staff. They helped us on a remote installation in New York and when we ran into issues, they were extremely patience, knowledgeable, and polite through the entire experience. The install even went past normal working hours and they keep right on assisting us without complaint. The best part is that they followed up the next day to make sure everything was working properly. We were grateful for help during our migration that weekend and thanks to the 3i team, it was one less thing we had to worry about on Monday morning.

Jeff Savoie

Director of Infrastructure Services
Spark Energy

People are fun and easy to work

Our organization has been growing fast and we need someone we can rely on for our computer problems fast. Not only does 3i deliver fast, knowledgeable service, but their people are fun and easy to work with. We use 3-I International for our IT and print services and highly recommend 3-I to anyone looking for a new vender. 3i’s staff have always answered our calls and emails in a timely matter and most important the one on one service you receive from the staff along with the professionalism.

Gracie Ontiveros

Crime Stoppers

They are there when we need them or even before we need them

What business doesn’t depend on computers? It’s when they go down that you realize their absolute need. But my experience with 3i isn’t with massive failures, it’s the things that prevent problems. 3i helps us understand the needs even we see them. Price is an absolute concern of mine. As the IT Director I am always concerned about spending money. And a 3i’s price tag isn’t always the cheapest. But the quality of the money spent is important too. As someone once said to me, you can get the job done or you can get the job done right. Right usually is more expensive upfront but I’ve found it saves me money in the long run. This is my experience with 3i and I’ve remained a 3i customer because I’ve seen in the long run the quality of their work compared to the price “savings” of previous or alternative IT contractors and print companies.

For us, the best thing about 3i’s services is this: they are there when we need them or even before we need them. Simple answers, complicated answers, they keep our business up and running! Behind the scenes monitoring and fixing problems before they become problems in my world. And because of that I avoid employee downtime or frustration. That’s not part of their monetary quote but it sure is valuable on my side of the ledger. Always a smooth installation, great service, and great tech support for resolving issues. I recommend 3i International.

Emiliano Garcia

IT Director

The Solutions They Recommend Help Me Do Business From Anywhere.

3i has proven to be a truly professional company in every sense of the word. They are committed to my satisfaction. The services provided are always done correct and on time. They follow up to make sure that we are happy and that they are no re-occurring problems.

They give me continued advice and provide solutions for managing my information and helping me to do business from anywhere 3i International help us transition from in house server to the cloud. The process painless on our part and I appreciate the fast responsiveness to both software and hardware issues during the transition. I would highly recommend them to any one in need of computer services.

Kevin Maley

KO Supply LLC

The staff has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable

KO Supply has been using 3I International for all of our IT needs since 2008. Long before the emergence of the cloud, we counted on them as a sole source of our in-house IT support. The staff has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable, keeping up with the latest technologies and services available to fit our business needs. 3I recently migrated us to the cloud and it has really helped to increase productivity, enabling us to work remotely from any location and easily and quickly accessing crucial information in order to better serve our customers. I would highly recommend their firm for all of your business IT requirements.

Sheri Henderson

Vice President
KO Supply LLC