Energy IT Services

Protection from increased attacks on oil and gas companies, utilities, and infrastructure

There is little doubt that a cyber attack on the energy industry could cripple the U.S. economy, threaten the extraction and distribution of oil and gas, shut down electric grids, and put millions of Americans, businesses, and communities at risk.

As hackers get more creative and aggressive, the number of successful invasions of oil and gas companies continue to increase, and state-sponsored efforts to sabotage the nation’s energy infrastructure are growing more frequent, more sophisticated, and more alarming.

We know the energy industry. But more than that, we know that the issues facing larger oil and gas companies are not always the same as those facing smaller independent drillers and pipeline operators, and that security challenges for major utilities and regional grids can differ from the risks to small and municipally owned utilities and retail electric providers.

That’s why 3i International offers a full range of security products and services that protect your critical data and can be customized to fit the demands, budgets, and goals of energy companies serving any segment of the industry:

Our services include:

Cloud computing, including technologies that enable companies to use both the public and the private cloud, bringing down overall IT costs, improving business performance, and generating greater value from projects

Programs that detect and delete malware, ransomware, and other viruses instantly rather than in hours or days

Ensuring that all industrial control system applications and infrastructure are being properly monitored

Developing a fully secure IT environment – not only computers and servers, but also printers, copiers, and other office technologies

Threat assessments that effectively identify system vulnerabilities

Protection against incursions across the supply chain

Security for data on servers, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things

Disaster recovery

Employee training to ensure your staff can successfully serve as the first line of defense against hackers and other cybercriminals

In addition to providing essential IT services, we can also support your technology team on a day-in, day-out basis – onsite or through outsourcing – delivering even more value, savings, and expertise.