Financial IT Services

Your firm’s dedicated Information Technology Partner

Data plays a significant role in your firm. The security of customer account information, personal information, and credit card information is critical to the ability to build strong, lasting relations with the individuals and businesses served.

Financial services require a combination of skills on the technology side. From supporting a secure collection to distribution of regulatory and transactional data, 3i International will walk alongside you, providing the smoothest experience for your staff and customers.

By allowing 3i International to work as your dedicated technology partner, you will see a much more productive and efficient workplace. We take the monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to a new level. This will reduce IT related expenditure while improving your overall network.

That data and its use, is also highly regulated. Financial institutions can’t simply keep it secure for customers. They must ensure that their processes meet the requirements of a range of complex, demanding rules that are as challenging a s they are complex, and that leave no margin for error.

3i International offers small and medium-size financial service firms the IT expertise and skill you need to overcome the challenges, satisfy the regulations, and protect the customers. We work with banks, credit unions, insurers, brokerage firms, and venture capitalists, helping you to develop business IT strategies that are secure and designed to enhance operational performance and profitability.

Our services include:

Innovated solutions to help you meet the requirements of compliancy and security in the following

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

PCI data security standards

Sarbanes-Oxley rules

Protecting confidential information (names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit and loan application data, medical information, salaries, etc.), and personally identifiable information (street addresses, driver’s license numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, etc.)

Threat assessments that effectively identify system vulnerabilities

24x7 Help Desk

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Development of an infrastructure including ALL electronics and devices within your workplace.

Employee training on cybersecurity assurance

IT Consulting

Application Management

Cybersecurity to protect your firm from viruses and ensure optimal security in your business

Cloud Hosting

We want to partner with you to ensure your IT infrastructure can do the following:

  1. Seamlessly integrate legacy systems into a modern infrastructure
  2. Diagnose problems and errors quickly and without error
  3. Measure against service levels
  4. Improve staff efficiency and overall ease of work
  5. Establish practices for security management services
  6. Improve and scale with no reliability issues