Professional Firm IT Services

Improving your professional services firm is imperative. We’re here to help you through that

We understand that working in a professional services firm can be challenging because of the workload at any given point. We help you meet and face the challenges of complex regulations and the demand for secure customer information

Are you looking for any of the following:

  1. Compliance with industry and government regulations
  2. IT advice helping you make better business decisions
  3. Your company’s technology and data being secure from cyber threats
  4. Increase in productivity and efficiencies

Most IT companies come in and fix computers but are not concerned with your businesses bottom line. We help you take advantage of technology to see tangible results to your bottom line.

3i International provides IT solutions that are designed to relieve some of that stress, ensuring your ability to focus on work and arrange tasks effectively.  We can assist you in seamlessly balancing your workload and rest easy knowing that you can always provide your clients with the best professional services possible.

A large majority of what a professional services firm does is dependent on areas of technology, whether it be for record maintenance, scheduling applications, communication tools. We want to make sure that you set your business up for success with adequate IT support. With a range of proactive support features helping to ensure that your business technology is always running effectively and efficiently.

At 3i International, we have worked with small and medium sized professional services firms, providing customized security solutions that enhance their performance and recognize the often-unique demands of different companies in different sectors. These include:

Threat assessments that identify system vulnerabilities

security for computer equipment, servers, file rooms, and the Internet of Things

Protection of data stored and distributed on mobile devices

Training attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, and support staff on how to become the first line of defense against hackers

Cloud environments that are secure and provide safe and easy access to sensitive data around the clock

Scheduled software updates

Creation of comprehensive data security and disaster recovery plans

Strategies that ensure full compliance with any regulatory requirements or professional standards

Development of a fully secure IT environment – not only computers and servers, but also printers, copiers, and other office technologies

Encryption of vital client data

Detection and deletion of malware, ransomware, and other viruses in minutes rather than hours or days

By outsourcing your IT concerns to 3i International, you can enjoy many benefits, including top-of-the-line business support 24/7/365, our ability to scale with and grow with your business, and business stability. We want you to know that your business is taken care of always.