Back Up & Disaster Recovery Planning

Back up disaster recovery

When it comes to technology, companies generally operate in one of two environments: pre-disaster and disaster. So the better you’re prepared for a crisis, the better you’ll be able to manage it.

The disaster recovery services from 3i International help you reclaim files that have been threatened by cyber-terrorism, crime, extreme weather, or any other situation that can affect your operations and put your data at risk. That’s a critical concern, given that 40 percent of companies that have lost their data for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy.

We work with you to develop innovative, intelligent strategies – with the architecture to support them – that preserve and protect the vital information your company generates, ranging from invoices and accounts receivable to employee records and patrol.

And since our disaster recovery solutions focus on backups that are offsite or hybrid in nature, we take the process out of potentially vulnerable office locations. So you can seamlessly and reliably access your information, and keep your business operating, even if the unthinkable and unforeseen should happen.