Private Cloud


Private Cloud, also referred to as “data centers” or “Colos”, have all the benefits of public cloud with no shared resources. In many ways, private clouds are the “brains” of an organization, the engines behind the information technology that drives business performance and profitably. In other words, the smarter your private cloud is, the more productive and efficient your business will be.

At 3i International, we offer innovative built-to-suit, value-based private cloud solutions that enable you to remotely store, distribute, and process information that is critical to your business. We do it all – from design to deployment – and help you to confidently assess exactly what you need, from storage and system optimization to identifying the architecture that best serves your objectives.

Our private cloud services are aimed at the bottom line, providing affordable solutions that optimize performance, increase reliable connectivity for critical applications, and protect your sensitive data.

Whether your office is filled with PCs or Macs, we can mitigate both your IT costs and the risks to your in-house infrastructure by providing around-the-clock server support to keep your system operational. Not only that, but our hosting plans make it easy for you to stay current with the latest technology – including hardware and software releases – without having to spend additional resources.

And perhaps most important, moving your company’s email or other core business application from in-house to 3i International means you pay a fixed, monthly rate that is uncomplicated and prevents sticker shock and unexpected charges.

In addition to delivering a high level of security and accessibility, we also ensure a high degree of certainty. Your data is protected from theft and natural disasters; we have redundant off-site backup systems; and the connections to and from the centers are stable and reliable.

Among the benefits of 3i International’s integrated, intelligent private cloud management services are:

Implementation strategies that include integration, logistics, and support

Secure and solid infrastructure from Tier 1 manufacturers

Design-to-deployment customization

Exemplary support expertise to ensure uptime and minimize downtime