Public Cloud


The cloud computing solutions 3i International offers enable your company to share resources, software applications, and data on computers and mobile devices through a secure network system that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our intelligent cloud-based services include client devices, data center, and infrastructure, and can be customized to fit the business models of large and small companies. What’s more, they provide networking infrastructure that allows you to benefit from the latest technological innovations without the high capital expense traditionally associated with companywide hardware and infrastructure upgrades.

The advantages of 3i International’s cloud computing services are significant:

Simplify management of IT infrastructure

Reduce costs of IT management

Enhance the security and control of your information

Minimize potential server crashes and costly associated repairs

At 3i International, our team of specialists will help you transition from a typical on-site server model to a cloud-based computing infrastructure or a hybrid solution that can save you thousands of dollars while increasing productivity, security, efficiency, and peace of mind throughout your operations.