Managed Security

Managed Security: Fast, effective, reliable strategies to avoid cyber threats

Companies that do not have a clear, comprehensive, relevant security initiative are putting the safety of their data – and their business – in the hands of everyday users, expecting them to be experts. But they’re not. So when a cyber-attack occurs, the entire enterprise is at risk.

That’s why you need 3i International. We’re experts in the systems, processes, and architecture that can protect sensitive information.

Our innovative, intelligent security solutions safeguard you from the full range of cyber threats – data breaches and data loss, phishing, denial of service attacks, “bots” that spread and propagate anonymously through your systems, viruses that affect computers and mobile devices, and malicious misuse of internal resources by disgruntled employees.

Firewalls and anti-virus software can’t provide that level of protection. They may be able to identify common viruses, the so-called “known knowns,” but they’ll miss everything else. That’s a real concern considering that an average of 2.2 pieces of unknown malware hit organizations every hour.

But 3i International helps you overcome known, unknown, and future threats, with sophisticated security offerings that are unrivaled for speed and effectiveness:

Our “threat cloud” is bigger, faster, and more globally diverse that anyone’s, enabling us to catch new viruses and protect your network in real time.

We have a “catch rate” that is among the best in the security industry.

We have access to 1,200 software engineers who work every day on updates designed to thwart malicious attacks.

We can perform zero-day threat analysis to identify viruses that did not exist an hour before.

Our ability to undertake immediate threat extraction enables us to go through files instantaneously and guarantee that they’re clean.

Our services can include log watch for mitigation and removal of threats from your environment.

Our goal is simple: To keep bad things from happening to good companies. While it may be true that all organizations are vulnerable to cyber-threats, it’s equally true that those threats can be mitigated or eliminated. You just need the right solutions.

And at 3i International, we provide those solutions with the speed, confidence, reliability, effectiveness, and expertise you need to navigate the ever-changing risks in an ever-changing cyber world.