Consulting, Managed IT Services, and Cybersecurity Provided by the Top Texas Information Technology Firm

Partner with our expert team for Houston IT support and managed IT services and say goodbye to IT headaches.

No more slow response, downtime, or nickel-and-dime billing. Our rapid help desk support keeps your organization running smoothly while we maintain your devices and servers with the latest security patches, updates, and ransomware protection.

Our long-standing reputation as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the Houston area speaks for itself. We’ve been offering remote and on-site IT support in the greater Houston, TX area for over a decade and our list of happy clients include hospitals, government agencies, retailers, financial institutions, small businesses, and more.

Regardless of your sector, our team will help you implement scalable and affordable technologies that adapt as your business grows. And you can rest assured that we take information security seriously. Count on 3i to help you meet and exceed industry specific regulations and avoid the fines and challenges that come with compliance issues.

Read on to learn more about our Houston IT services:

Managed IT Services

We provide the full spectrum of IT services and always tailor our solutions to your unique needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unlimited remote and on-premises IT support from experienced technicians who respond quickly and effectively to every ticket. Always have the best IT support in Texas on demand to investigate and resolve your technology issues.
Apart from providing best-in-class IT support and strategic guidance, we keep your business safe with top-tier security solutions and secure data backup and recovery.

Helpdesk and Support

Customer service comes first with the 3i team. If you’re not happy with your current IT department or provider, there’s a good chance their response times and level of knowledge has something to do with it.
Your IT provider must be able to keep up with the always-changing nature of business technology. If your MSP isn’t able to stay ahead of the curve, you won’t be able to trust them with your IT so you can focus on running your business.

3i keeps your team happy and productive with a 24/7 help desk, application support desk, network support techs, cybersecurity response and remediation team, and an easy to use IT service ticketing system.

Cloud and Remote Workplace Services

More and more organizations are looking for remote work solutions in the current business tech landscape. You need a reliable means to empower your business for off-site work that’s secure and always available. Thanks to the power of secure cloud, our remote workforce solutions can give you the communication, productivity, and collaboration tools needed to keep your business thriving no matter where your employees are. As many businesses are learning post-pandemic, the remote work model gives you access to cost savings along with boosted productivity and job satisfaction.


Malicious threats are only increasing and showing no signs of stopping. One of the most important responsibilities of your IT provider is cybersecurity to keep you safe from this rising tide of cyber risk. 3i follows current IT security best practices and utilizes a Zero Trust approach to keep your data and network safe from bad actors.

There’s no better way to avoid spyware, malware, ransomware, and other sophisticated cyberthreats than to partner with 3i.

Virtual CIO

The right IT partner can help you reach the full potential of your business. Virtual Chief Information Officer services help you streamline and optimize your business technology from a strategic standpoint. While an in-house CIO can be too costly or inefficient for many organizations, you don’t have to lose out on the benefits of having strategic technological guidance and innovation at your fingertips. Working with 3i gives you access to vCIO services when you need them and at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to fill the position internally.


Every modern organization runs into IT problems from time to time. When trouble hits, you need support in your area that you can count on. And you need those benefits at a price that fits your budget.


That’s where the managed service provider model comes to the rescue. With an MSP partnership, our team will manage your entire IT landscape for a fixed monthly cost, keeping you running and secure. We take care of your IT needs at a strategic level as well so you can grow and scale your business easily and without major capital IT expenses.

information technology support houstonIT Support & IT Services in Houston, TX

Houston businesses of all sizes have turned to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for their technology needs. The increasing technological demands of running a business in 2022 and beyond make partnership with an MSP a very wise decision. 

Proven tech support companies in Houston like 3i International help Texas businesses gain a competitive edge by ensuring that IT is used to its full potential and technology is always leveraged for growth. 

Modern businesses rely on IT to operate smoothly, which makes it essential to have experienced technical support services on hand.  Not only does this keep your IT operational, the right IT provider can boost business growth and profitability. Our primary services as an MSP in Texas revolve around providing IT support and managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, government bodies, and NFPs.

What is managed IT support?

IT support (a.k.a. tech support) is essential to any business that relies on technology. Unfortunately, hiring in-house IT teams can be costly and complicated. This can be managed through outsourced tech support companies like 3i who can provide all of the technology management benefits of an in-house team for less than it costs to hire a single employee. We are more than just tech support -- we’re your virtual CIO and technology strategists!

What is IT support infrastructure?

IT support infrastructure is the framework that facilitates the delivery of IT solutions and technical support. This framework is built upon personnel, tools, and solutions including network, hardware, and software resources and their associated technicians. 

Expertise: Trained and experienced IT staff who are on hand to deliver exceptional customer service. Includes network operations center (NOC), security operations center (SOC), and help desk staff.

Network: The components that deliver connectivity to the internet and facilitate network security

Hardware: Everything from data centers to switches, servers, and routers. Also includes the devices and workstations used day-to-day by your staff. 

Software: All applications that your organization relies on to thrive. This can include things like customer relationship management (CRM) tools, digital marketing tools, human resources software, and ERP tools. 

Cloud: Services related to cloud migration and using XaaS (X-as-a-service) technology. Cloud-based backups and software fall into this realm, as well as many tools used to allow remote workplace functions. 

What Do IT Support Specialists Do For Their Clients?

As you might expect, the key purpose of IT support staff is the maintenance of hardware and computer systems and delivering help desk support to end users. Usually, they provide comprehensive technical support to the company itself, but they can also pass on their expertise to the client’s consumers via a call center or a customer service desk. As IT service specialists in Houston, our technicians handle:

  • Configuring and installing your technology. This includes software applications, operating systems, network and end-user hardware, and phone systems.
  • Continuous maintenance and monitoring of software and hardware to ensure uptime and security.
  • Handling help desk requests and providing world-class tech support to your end users. This includes investigating and remediating issues, as well as keeping logs of past issues to aid in asset management. 
  • Troubleshooting technology issues and preventing future problems through proactive maintenance and updating.
  • Strategic IT planning to help ensure the maximum ROI on your IT investment is realized. 
  • Compiling and reviewing reports on computer systems, tech utilization, and hardware.
  • Offering guidance on and implementation of new applications or hardware.
  • Staying up to date on operating systems and new applications to ensure smooth transitions or deployment. 
  • Aiding in credential management and admin user access management, setting up new employee emails, profiles, and access when needed. Ensuring that best practices are followed to increase overall security.
  • Keeping a constant eye toward security and minimizing your risks by sealing vulnerabilities, patching your IT environment, and using the right tools. 

The Benefits of Technical Support Services for Businesses in Houston TX 

Cybersecurity Services

Malicious hackers have grown to become of the largest threats to U.S. businesses of all sizes. Anyone operating in the Houston area should turn to trusted IT support companies like 3i to provide comprehensive cybersecurity services. Our cybersecurity experts take on the important responsibility of assessing and responding to potential threats. We secure your systems and deploy top-tier solutions to detect, investigate, and remediate threats. 

Data Management Services

Data management includes all activities related to the performance, security, and compliance of data-dependent business processes. If your business uses a database system to hold valuable data, it no doubt contains information regarding employees, clients, finances, and intellectual property. Security and backups are both important to maintaining this data, as well as keeping it out of the wrong hands. 

Customer Support

Your customers have their own demands. They expect you to be available, responsive, and technologically responsible. 3i will help you meet these expectations and offer your customers the best possible service. 

Systemwide Monitoring

3i offers comprehensive IT monitoring to organizations who rely on their technology to function. We align our goals to your own objectives and ensure that your IT environment is always online, always accessible, and extremely secure.

Facilitate IT Decision Making

Our team of IT experts will help you at every level of IT implementation, including setting and reaching long-term strategic goals. The right management and tracking protocols will ensure your company leverages technology to its fullest. Our internal use of processes like Lean Six Sigma ensures that you get the best possible strategic guidance. 

Save Money on IT

Perhaps most importantly, your organization can enjoy all the benefits of professional IT management without the costs associated with hiring in-house professionals. With flat-rate monthly agreements, 3i will make sure your IT needs are met under budget and while exceeding expectations. 

Professional Managed IT Services

With our Houston-based team of IT pros at your side, we will work together to develop, implement, and manage solutions that drive you toward your business objectives. We assume responsibility for all technical aspects of your business, giving you the freedom to focus on your business operations. Managed IT services include IT consulting, budgeting, virtualization, cloud migration, IT infrastructure planning, network design, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and cyber security. 

Cloud Services in Houston Texas

Nothing is more popular in the realm of IT than the cloud. This technology has changed the entire face of business technology virtually overnight. Are you using it to your advantage?

The cloud will allow you to efficiently and quickly create, store, and share files with coworkers while saving money and time. No more costly capital outlay on hardware installations, software licensing, and training. 

Cloud services make sure your business is accessible anywhere, anytime, while making your network and data secure enough to sleep soundly at night. We offer all of the top cloud solutions to make this a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do Managed IT Services cost?

Prices vary depending on your unique needs. We build your IT solutions to suit your objectives and meet your budget. Contact us to learn more about how 3i can build a managed IT service package for your business.

What industries do you serve in Texas?

We proudly serve clients of all types in and around the Houston, TX area.

  • Construction & AEC
  •  Law Firms
  •  Professional Services
  •  Manufacturing & Distribution
  •  Title Companies
  • Hospitals and Medical
  •  Education
  •  SMBs
  •  Not-for-Profits
  •  Financial Firms
  •  Energy, Oil & Gas
  •  Retail & Dealerships
  •  Restaurants

How quickly can I get IT support?

Your customer experience suffers when end users are forced to wait for resolutions to their IT issues. You need clear lines of communication between your organization and our team for maximum customer satisfaction and fast response times. You also need to know that the right people who can quickly answer your questions are on the other end of the line. 3i takes service very seriously, and pride ourselves on our high-level help desk support.

What if I’m not in the Houston area?

3i offers managed IT services and help desk to businesses in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Spring, The Woodlands, Katy and Sugar Land and beyond.