Managed cloud services: Enhanced access, security, and confidence for your enterprise

At 3i International, we understand that it's important for businesses to access their critical data fast and securely. Our managed private and public cloud services have been designed to help you do just that – delivering the speed, confidence, and flexibility needed to protect your data from theft or natural disasters and preserve your profits and productivity.

With 3i’s private cloud solutions, your data resides on an exclusive, off-premise private data center that we host and is protected behind a firewall. This not only delivers the highest possible level of security, control, privacy, and peace of mind, but can also reduce costs and allow for the more efficient deployment of in-house resources.

Managed public cloud services utilize third-party providers. They keep infrastructure costs low; are easy and inexpensive to set up; provide a “pay only for what you use” option; and allow customers the flexibility to add or reduce resources as their business needs shift.

Our intelligent cloud-based services include client devices, data center, and infrastructure, and can be customized to fit the business models of large and small companies. What’s more, they provide networking infrastructure that allows you to benefit from the latest technological innovations without the high capital expense traditionally associated with companywide hardware and infrastructure upgrades.

The advantages of 3i International’s cloud management services are significant:

  • Simplify management of IT infrastructure
  • Enhance the security and control of your information
  • Reduce costs of IT management
  • Built-to-suit data center solutions
  • Minimize potential server crashes and costly associated repairs
  • Assure the right mix of guaranteed uptime complemented by the server configuration necessary to handle any bandwidth
  • Round-the-clock server expert support to ensure uptime and minimize downtime
  • Increase reliable connectivity for critical applications

At 3i International, our team of specialists will help you transition from a typical on-site server model to a cloud-based computing infrastructure or a hybrid solution that can save you thousands of dollars while increasing productivity, security, efficiency, and peace of mind throughout your operations.